How To Refill the Salt Container on Your Dishwasher

Refill salt container

In by Liam Page


How to refill your Indesit dishwasher salt container

Have a look at our easy step by step guide showing you how to refill your Indesit dishwasher salt container.


Video transcript:

Hello my name’s Alan.  I am a senior technician with Indesit company.  I have over fifteen years experience helping customers with their dishwashers.  At Indesit Company we design and manufacture our appliances to provide many trouble free years of service to our customers, but there also a few things you can do yourself to help ensure your appliance operates to its full potential or to help resolve any common user issues.

This video covers how to deal with refilling the salt container on your dishwasher. 

How you will know there’s a problem – scale build up on the inside of your dishwasher and poor wash results.  This issue is usually caused by not maintaining salt levels in the dishwasher if you are in a hard water area. To identify the water hardness area that you live in, please contact your local water board then refer to your user handbook for the correct settings. 

Step one: remove the salt cap.

Step two: place the funnel over the top, pour in the dishwasher salt until it is full. As you pour the salt in, water will come out – this is normal.

Step three: Run a pre-wash afterwards with the dishwasher empty to get rid of any salt residue. If you’re still experiencing problems please refer to your user handbook which can also be downloaded from the user handbook section of our website. Remember spares can also be obtained from our website as well as care products for a range of kitchen appliances.

Recap: Remove salt cap. Use funnel to pour in dishwasher salt. Run a pre-wash.